Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Forca ERP?
Forca ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that also has Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) functions. It is built from The Best Open Source ERP and served using SaaS (Software as a Services). It is the most prominent ERP in Indonesia based on TOP IT Award 2015. FORCA ERP also gains TOP Local ERP Growth 2016 Award from TOP IT and TELCO 2016
2. Where is the server location?
Located at Forca’s Data Center with Disaster Recovery that professionally managed with a high level of security and SLA.
3. How about the security?
Forca ERP offers a layer of data security and disaster recovery. This includes the best possible level of defense against viruses and other attacks.
4. What is the difference between Forca ERP and other ERP?
  • Based on the best Open Source ERP
  • Competent resources to continuously develop and enhance its functionalities
  • Growing modules for all businesses and industries
  • Adopt the strength of world class ERPs and mobility trend
  • Provide Local Flavor
  • Supporting environment to grow
  • Partnership (Universities, ERP Consultants, Infra Provider)
  • Cloud base (SaaS) – Less Investment, Less operational resources
  • Much more affordable
5. How about the cost escalation?
Don’t worry, Forca ERP has 2 cost structure only

  • Annual Support (support, DC/DRC, subscription)
  • Implementation
6. What kind of support Forca ERP will give?
  • Continues Improvement
  • 24/7 Call Center Support
  • Professional resource
7. How much the minimum of user requirement?
Minimum Hardware Requirements ARE:

  • Intel Core I3 and above.
  • 512 MB of RAM (1 GB and above is recommended).
  • 80 MB of hard disk space.
  • Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 / 2003 /XP/Vista / Windows 7/8 operating system.
  • 1024 x 768 or higher monitor resolution
  • Dedicated Internet Connection 128 Kbps/User
8. What kind of company that can use Forca ERP?
Forca ERP is ideal for Small and Medium Business including Manufacture, Trading, Pharmacy, Property etc.
9. How we will help you?
Talk to us any time you like, in your own way, and off the record – about whatever’s getting to you. You don’t have to be suicidal.
Find out why our service works and what you can expect when contacting us.
If you have any concerns about our service before you try it, hear from others about how we’ve helped them. Please don’t suffer alone.
10. What is the advantage of using Forca ERP?
  • Excellent Service Level
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Zero Investment
  • 24/7 Call Center
  • National Empowering
  • Local Flavors
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility Support

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