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FORCA ERP provides integrated platform for Business Information Capital. Designed to help and manage the company business process at all medium company, FORCA ERP is a world class ERP that will touches every single part of the business process in affordable price. This software will integrate the system in across multiple locations, and absolutely provides an easy and quick way to run the business.

Know More About Core Module of FORCA ERP

FORCA ERP has 8 main modules that are classified according to the business process of the company.

Quote to Invoice

“Quote to Invoice” covers the business processes required for the creation of a quotation for a prospect or customer, sales order…

Requisition to Invoice

“Requisition to Invoice” covers the business processes required for the creation of requisitions, purchase orders, and receipt of vendor invoices…

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting covers the costing and accounting dimension of the application. In traditional systems, this functionality usually appears in…

Manufacturing & Quality Management

Standard FORCA ERP provides substantial elements of manufacturing insofar as it supports complex nested Bills of Material. A BOM Product…

Asset & Maintenance Management

The FORCA Fixed Asset module provides the usual functionality expected from a fixed assets module including depreciation calculation and…

HR (Payroll, Personnel, Organization Management)

A payroll system is organizes all the tasks of employee payment and the filing of employee taxes. These tasks can include keeping tracking of…

Project Management

In FORCA, a Project is a process that is undertaken which may involve multiple phases and steps. They may also require resources from…

Performance Dashboard

Reports can be created for every type of Document in the system. The user can define the layout, sequence, labels, format and totalling for any…

FORCA ERP For Your Business Solutions

FORCA ERP has 3 main products that created to answer the needs of different business of the company

FORCA for Enterprise

FORCA for Enterprise is perfect for big and medium company especially in manufacture and retail industry.

FORCA for Business

FORCA for Business is perfect for small and medium company especially in property and services industry.

FORCA for Accounting

FORCA for Accounting is perfect for small and medium company especially in trading industry.

Our Services

We will provide the best service to give client satisfication. We will manage, update the system, and helping the company to solve their problem while using the system. We will do:

Regular Fit
Periodic Monitoring
Handling of Obstacles


We have good experience in applying and using the world Top ERP in the past 15 years.
We can find out what makes Business Solution good or bad.
Our team has also developed additional tools and apps to enhance Top ERP functionality.

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