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Awarded as TOP Local ERP Growth 2016, FORCA ERP ready to bring your company to the next level

In our first year, FORCA ERP announced as Prominent Contender in ERP Market. While in 2016, FORCA ERP awarded as TOP Local ERP Growth 2016. We also provides an education by developing community in universities in Indonesia. If you have any concerns about our service before you try it, hear from others about how we’ve helped them.

Easy to Use

Without the need for special skills, user can easily adapt in using FORCA ERP.

Simple & Customable Reports

FORCA ERP has simple interface that designed for answering special need for company’s report.

Robust & Reliable

FORCA ERP is able to integrate all business processes and ensure the company’s business flow works as well as possible.

Security Guaranteed

The infrastructure is encrypted perfectly and has a guaranteed quality of disaster recovery.

Private Cloud (DC & DRC) in Indonesia

Private cloud located in Indonesia and managed by professional technicians will ensure the security and confidentiality of your company data.

Much More Affordable

As SAAS (Software as a Service), FORCA ERP does not require any investment, and in its use is only charged for services.

Adopt TOP ERP and world technology trends movement

FORCA ERP is created by adopting the advantages possessed by Top ERP and will continue to update following the movement of world trends.

Adopt world best practices

FORCA ERP adopts the world best practice, where client will be given a business process that has been recognized and used by companies in the world.

Cloud base (SaaS), Low Investment and operational resources

FORCA ERP is Software as a Service. In the application, the system uses a centralized cloud. So, the client does not need to think about infrastructure and expensive initial investment costs. FORCA ERP will also manage and update during the lifetime of the system.

Comply with local regulations

FORCA ERP is a home grown software. Therefore, unlike foreign-made ERP, FORCA ERP owns and follows local regulations.

Multi clients, multi organizations, and multi currencies

For the business needs of the company, FORCA ERP comes with various functions such as managing subsidiaries, transactions with foreign currency, to online sharing.

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